PH: 828.479.3433 or 800.941.9290

Decidedly not fussy, Snowbird’s Fireside Bar blends authentic rustic ambiance with an abundance of beverage selections. Upon arrival, guests receive a welcome cocktail. The bar features a selection of handcrafted beers ranging from purely local brews to some of the best in the world, and the largest selection of fine spirits to be found in all of Western North Carolina. Indulge in a selection from our Craft Mountain Cocktail Menu. Discover an abundance of wine selections in our wine cellar with over 500 labels, all handpicked, representing most of the very best wineries in the world.

This is a place to disconnect to reconnect. Share your stories of adventure with other guests. Sip a glass of fine wine while enjoying the warmth from the fireplace. Take your beverage and wander out to the front porch to enjoy the reflections of the sun as it sinks below the mountains… a fitting way to end the day.