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Looking Forward to 2014

We took a walk to the Point the other night to catch the full moon as it rose over the mountains. What a sight!! The big ball crested the mountaintops and we  watched as the colors changed from an incredible red to a vibrant orange and then shifted to a brilliant white. There were plenty of oh’s and ah’s from the girls  as we sipped on hot chocolate, talked, laughed and giggled. Sophie said that she felt “connected” to this place. I smiled because I felt it, too.  That’s really a big part of what we feel Snowbird is about, connection. In a world where we hustle and bustle almost every minute of every day, Snowbird provides  us all with a place where we can connect. We believe that this need to connect is increasingly important and finding ways to connect to places, nature, to food,  to each other, and to ourselves is a magical way to be more vibrant and more at peace.

Our season begins February 8 and continues through Thanksgiving this coming year. The crew here on the mountain has been working hard to make sure that  this is our best year yet! Check out the new wildflower walks, nighttime walks, music, art, and wine dinners for the year. Whether it’s for a day, weekend or  week, please consider this our personal invitation to join us here on the mountain, off the beaten path to make your very own “connection.” The moon, like the  future, is bright from our mountain; we look forward to sharing it with friends, some old, some new – like you!!

In celebration of the great adventure ahead!